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Introducing Ourselves

What do we do?

Yites Event & Digital is a full service Experiental Marketing and Event Staffing Agency providing cutting edge essentials in making your project unique and competitive. 

We offer more than 8 years of combined experience in event management, staffing, program development, digital and guerrilla marketing.

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Marketing Campaigns

We also provide

Performances !

Yites provides a variety of talents and performances to suit every event. You name it, we have it!

For the raw and energetic, we pump your adrenaline with hip hop dance, street dance, and belly dance. For the sophisticated, our ballroom dance, salsa, and Latin dance will ignite the passion in any room. We also provide flash mobs and cheerleading performances to excite the crowd.

In music performances, we provide bands and singers as well as DJs and emcees.

Other talents include rappers, beatboxers, graffiti artists, male and female models, actors and actresses (for main cast and extras), and photographers.

The greatest news is that we have young talents being built all across Malaysia!

Events & services

in which we excel.

Yites International

Count Down Event

Sunnmaid Baking

Spritzer Fibre Fiesta

Escape Run

Roving Transport

Grow with Yites.

We’re always on the look for passionate and talented people to join us and grow together. We believe in providing our talents the opportunities to improve their own personal development and also providing them a space for them to grow their passion and creativity. 

Drop us your resume and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Let’s grow together!